SEPTEMBER 1 - 11, 2012 

         The 2012 annual reunion of Squadrons and Shipmates was originally scheduled at the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel. However, Mother Nature had other plans. The hotel took a direct hit from a freak tornado on February 29, 2012. It was touch and go for a while as they thought all the repairs would be complete by the time September 1 rolled around, not to be. It was finally determined that the reunion could not be held at the Hilton as the repairs would not be complete and the hotel would not be open in time. A large number of windows of the hotel had been blown out by the tornado. When they started to replace the windows the building was beginning to look like a checkerboard as the replacement window panes did not match those that had been left untouched by the tornado, so the decision was made to replace all the windows. This pushed the repairs into the month of October. The officers pow wowed and with much time spent and persistence another hotel was located that could accommodate the reunion. Of course the contract had to be renegotiated and all the arrangements "rearranged." In the meantime many of the potential attendees had decided to make other plans during that time so we were minus some members come September. However, we had a decent number of attendees come to enjoy the shows and camaraderie of their fellow Squadrons and Shipmates members.

Group Reunion Photo 2012

Click on the link below to see our Reunion Sign-up Sheet
and all the venues that were offered at our third reunion

Philip & Elizabeth Berezik
Philip and Elizabeth Berezik
Barbara Bolger
Barbara Bolger
Janice Powers & James Brown
Janice Powers and James Brown
Robert Cargile Robert CargileBen Cash
Ben Cash 
Nancy & John Desmond 
Nancy and John Desmond
Tom Drake
Tom Drake 

Sandy & Dale Elledge
Sandy and Dale Elledge
Dennis & Debbie Flerlage Dennis and Debbie Flerlage
Walt & Anita Glover
Walt and Anita Glover
Harold & Patty Gruver 
Harold and Patty Gruver
 Paul & Barbara Gundermann
Paul and Barbara Gundermann
Jay & Charlene Hantelman
Jay and Charlene Hantelman 

David and Nancy Hassler
Keith & Jackie HumphreyKeith and Jackie Humphrey 
 Greg Koczur
Greg Koczur
Doyle and Ardith LemonsDoyle and Ardith Lemons Deric MarcorelleDeric Marcorelle 
Bill & Linda Mimm Bill and Linda MimmBonnie & Rex Miner
Bonnie and Rex Miner
Tom & Marian MobleyTom and Marian Mobley
Mike & Evelyn Musto
Mike and Evelyn Musto
Jack Nelson and Bettye Ferguson
 Jack Nelson and Bettye Ferguson
David & Deanna NiebuhrDavid and Deanna Niebuhr 
Bob & Fely Nortway
Bob and Fely Northway
William Pallister
William Pallister 
Dan & Ginger RoneyDanand Ginger Roney
Morrie & Joann Saxerud
Morrie and Joann Saxerud
Chuck & Karain Soules 
Karain and Chuck Soules
Clyde Southern
Clyde Southern
Bill & Joyce Southworth
Bill and Joyce Southworth
Peter & Carolyn Spickenagel
Peter and Carolyn Spickenagel
John Sukup & Carolyn Corneliusl
John Sukup and Carolyn Cornelius
Ron & Gerry TruexRon Ron and Gerry TruexTom Watson & Carol Doctor
Tom Watson & Carol Doctor
Al & Sue Wedemeyer
Al and Sue Wedemeyer
Bob Wrobel & Gloria Bjorkman 
Bob Wrobel and Gloria Bjorkman
 Arlene Zeiter
Arlene Zeiter
Not pictured

Pete Klestinec
Rodger Warren 

Here are all the winners at the 2012 Reunion
Evelyn MustoEvelyn Musto of USS Midway from Brockton, Massachusetts

Nancy Desmond
Nancy Desmond of Plant City, Florida, Daughter of 1945 Plank Owner
Peter Spickenagel of USS Midway 
David NiebuhrDavid Niebuhr of USS Midway A Division 1957-1961, from
Rochester, Minnesota
Gloria Bjorkman
Gloria Bjorkman of USS Franklin D. Roosevelt from West St. Paul, MN

Morrie SaxerudMorrie Saxerud our new Vice-President of USS FDR from Lisbon, ND

Tommie MobleyTommie Mobley of USS Midway B Division 1964-1966 from Wentworth,
Missouri. He won the prize everyone wanted - The Lone Sailor
Greg Koczur
Greg Koczur of USS Franklin D. Roosevelt  S-2 Division 1966-1968 from
Colstrip, Montana
Paul GundermannPaul Gundermann guest of Al Wedemeyer from Sandy Springs, GeorgiaArlene ZeiterArlene Zeiter widow of George Zeiter 1945 Plank Owner of USS Midway
Her sister Barbara Bolger from Auburn, Washington is on Arlene's right.

These are some very serious players 
Janice Powers
Janice Powers of USS Midway from Lake Elsinore, California
Arlene Zeiter
 Arlene Zeiter won her patriotic prize. Barbara Bolger her sister on the left


Squadrons & Shipmates is the only known reunion organization that raffles off all the FREE night stays at each reunion. They are earned by the membership
 for staying at the hotel. This year Squadrons & Shipmates earned 6 FREE night stays and each of the winners saved the cost of one night's lodging at the hotel.
 The Flerlages each won a FREE night stay.

Debbie flerlageDebbie Flerlage
         Bettye Ferguson
Bettye Ferguson
  Ben cash    Ben Cash
Peter Spickenagel
Peter Spickenagel
Greg Koczur Greg KoczurDennis Flerlage Dennis Flerlage

 Come see us next year in Colorado Springs, Colorado August 19-26, 2013 at the Marriott Hotel 


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